Friday, 16 May 2008

Artist Book Seoul 2008

Christopher McHugh exhibits at the Seoul International Book Art Fair 2008, May 14-18


Christopher McHugh exhibited Driftwood Book and Fossil boes I-V at the Seoul International Book Art Fair this week. The works were selected by Inagaki Yukiko of I Art Planning, Osaka, Japan. Other exhibitors in the I Art Planning area included

INAGAKI, Yukiko (Japan)
GYOBU, Fumi (Japan)
SASAGAWA, Hideaki (Japan)
SHIBATAKA, Kozo (Japan)
Tatuco=Kaori (Japan)
TERADA, Mariko (Japan)

Date: May 14th (Wed.) - May 18th (Sun.) 2008, 10:00-19:00 Venue: COEX Pacific Hall, Samsung Dong, Seoul, Korea

Christopher McHugh Solo Exhibition

Christopher Mchugh exhibits etchings and mixed media installation at UniPon2Kau2 Art Project Space, Osaka, Japan


Ginko Fine Art artist, Christopher McHugh, exhibited SHOAL, a solo exhibition of etchings and mixed media work at UniPon2Kau2 Art Project Space, Osaka, Japan, in March 2008. The centre piece of the exhibition was an installation of about 27 carved wooded fish, based on his earlier "Shoal" series of etchings, also displayed. Driftwood Book, together with five examples from his Fossil Box series were also shown.

Detail of Shoal installation


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