Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bede's World Exhibition 2011

A Journey in Glass and Ceramics”
Emerging Artists from the University of Sunderland 2011

“A Journey in Glass and Ceramics” is an innovative exhibition on display at the Bede’s World Museum in Jarrow from 26th March 2011, which showcasing the work of MA and PhD student studying glass and ceramics programmes at the University of Sunderland – National Glass Centre.
The exhibition is organized in partnership between the University of Sunderland and Bede’s World, drew its inspiration from the museum and the surrounding landscape, to create a series of pieces which highlight traditional craft and contemporary art ideas in glass and ceramics. The exhibition also provided a platform for the students to present their own interpretation of the site, as well as develop a greater understanding about extraordinary life of the Venerable Bede (AD673-735) whose influences still remain today.
Internationally renowned expert and writer on glass Prof. Sylva Petrova who curated the exhibition stated:
The show introduces the works of 17 artists from the UK, China, Sweden and Korea. Although many of the students are still in relatively early stages of their careers the pieces show a high level of professionalism and the artistic output. The diverse range of ideas and conceptions featured throughout the exhibition, are based on the student’s ability to use glass and ceramic as material in service of origin artistic expressions. Many pieces presented in the Bede’s World are specially designed for the situ and are in visual or spiritual correspondence with the architecture, cultural significance of the place and its message. The use word ‘journey’ in the exhibition title symbolizes not only our lives or the Venerable Bede’s life and works. The title wants to point out, that these artists are “on the road” of their artistic carriers, on the “road” to win their future in the world of art and academia as well.
The Glass and Ceramics studio – National Glass Centre of the Faculty of Art and Design the University of Sunderland has very special position among departments teaching glass and ceramics in the UK and Europe. The studio has the highest number of PhD students among glass and ceramics education centers in the UK. It is the largest unit in the UK with an extraordinarily high level of equipment, including one of the largest kilns in the world for casting glass and also a water-jet cutter.
Throughout its 30 years of history, staff, BA, MA, PHD students and visiting artists from a number of foreign countries have focused upon the development of glass and ceramics as an art form. This has positioned the University of Sunderland as one of the most significant providers of glass education, training and research in the UK. Many of the graduates associated with glass and ceramic studies are now significant artists, designers and tutors in Europe, Australia, the United States and elsewhere, having gained a reputation in their subject at national and international level.

The exhibition will commence on Saturday 26 March through to Thurs 4th May inclusive.
All of the exhibited pieces in the exhibition are for sale. For futher information, please contact Bede’s World on (0191) 4892106.

Friday, 18 March 2011

PUZZLE PROJECT 震災チャリティー展覧会 Charity Exhibition, Osaka

I'll be exhibiting some work in this exhibition organised by UAPS Gallery, Osaka. Proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross. Details below. See website for English.





というテーマのPUZZLE PROJECTとしても何かできないかと検討しました。

ウーニーポンポンカウカウにある、これまでのPUZZLE PROJECTの作品

[PUZZLE PROJECT 震災チャリティー展覧会 - PUZZLE PROJECT in KIX Satelite Exhibition for charity -]

〒530-0027 大阪市北区堂山町13-5
Tel/Fax: 06-6313-2644


[PUZZLE PROJECT in KIX]は5月8日まで関西国際空港で展示されております。

場所は関西国際空港 旅客ターミナル4F 翼の広場。


関西国際空港 旅客ターミナル4F 翼の広場


(イベント インフォメーション)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fragments - An archaeology of the future

From hunter-gatherer to couch potato and back again...

Fragments - An archaeology of the future


Fragments - An archaeology of the future


Fragments - An archaeology of the future

Some recent work exploring the idea of an archaeology of the future. What might be left behind of our civilisation?


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